Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Candy Corn Math Game!

This game is a fun way to practice basic addition facts during October or as a game during Halloween or Fall parties. Give each student a small cup of pieces of candy corn. Students play the game with a partner. Partners take turn rolling two dice and adding the addends. They put a candy corn on the sum. The game is over when one player ends up with 3 pieces on "7." Students may then enjoy their candy corn treats! Head over to my TPT store to check it out.

Fall Halloween M and M Sorting, Tallying and Graphing Center Available in my TPT Store

Included in this packet are activities for graphing the Halloween or fall M&Ms -brown, yellow, red, and purple(or burgundy) that are for sale in stores during September and October. This packet includes sheets for estimating, tallying, graphing (bar graph and pie graph), making fractions and writing about M&M graph data. I've included a harder graphing sheet that asks students to use < > = to analyze their data and an easier version for 1st grade or lower that asks students to do addition with their data. Head over to my TPT store to have a look.