Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Telling Time Activity Pack and Telling Time Interactive Resources!

I just finished a fun telling time activity pack. The easy prep and ink friendly activities in this packet are designed to help students master telling time to the hour, half hour and five minutes - 1.MD.3 and 2.MD.7.

Included in this pack are:
3 Scoot or Task Card Activity Sets:
1. Set A – Time to the Hour task cards and recording sheet
2. Set B – Time to the Hour and Half Hour task cards and recording sheet
3. Set C – Time to Five Minutes task cards and recording sheet
4. Time’s Up! Game – Small group game to practice skill
All the scoots or task card activities include answer keys. Use the key to correct student work or project for students to self-correct their own work. 
Best of all...This pack is only $1.00 for a short time. Just click here or on any of the above pictures to go and grab it.
If you have an interactive white board, computers or a tablet for your classroom, here are some great interactive time games for practice.

Bang on Time

Time Travel is a game with many levels that allow you to  choose between analog and digital clocks.
Next up is Clockworks and Clockmaker.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

FarFaria App

Over the last several weeks I've had the opportunity to try out a wonderful digital library app called FarFaria. This amazing app is a digital library with over 800 books. 5 new books are added every week so you'll never run out of great content for your students to read. You can head over here to check out the app for yourself.\#TeacherGoneDigital
I have 2 iPads in my classroom and each day my students use them during reading and math rotations.  One of the favorite iPad activities is "Listen to Reading" and FarFaria is an easy fit for this activity.

Students can explore the different FarFaria worlds to find different books to read.  These include Mt. Make Believe, Preschool Playground, Adventure Island, and others. Each world has different stories. You can also choose books for students to read based on their reading level.\#TeacherGoneDigital

 Students have the option to either read the story to themselves or have it read to them which is a wonderful way to differentiate since we all know that we have a wide variety of reading abilities in our classrooms. You can also save your favorite books to My Favorites and there is a book club feature that allows you to interact with others about the books you are reading.

 This app has been a big hit with my students.  I've also downloaded it on my home iPad so my grandkids can use it when they come over to visit. The kids enjoy the fact that there are so many books to choose from. Click on the picture below to check out FarFaria for yourself!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently and a Sale!

It's time for February Currently!

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Super Sale!

I'm pumped to watch the game tomorrow. The enthusiasm for the game was through the roof in my classroom last week. My students wrote opinion papers yesterday telling me which team they felt had the best chance of winning the Super Bowl and why. I was impressed with how excited they were to complete their writing activity and read their reasons to the class.
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To celebrate the game, I'm throwing a Super Bowl Sale!  Everything in my store is on sale!  Remember, by leaving feedback, you can earn credits that turn into TpT dollars!!! Enjoy the commercials and the game. Go Seahawks!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Sunday Scoop!

I'm starting the week out by linking up with the Sunday Scoop and the Teaching Trio.
 I spent so much time this weekend working on decluttering (I still have a ways to go) that I didn't get my planning done for the next week. Thankfully, I did get started. I'll be finishing them up tonight before I head to bed. I do my planning on It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but now it doesn't take me very long to get it done. Grocery shopping will have to wait until after work on Monday.

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 I'm trying to get one product done each month. Life has gotten in the way of creating lately.
 This afternoon I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with my granddaughters. The made a blanket fort in the living room. It was fun just to hang out and spend time with them. Sometimes it's worth putting some must dos on the back burner for a little while and spend time with family.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Things Linky

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