Friday, January 31, 2014

Currently February...Well Almost!

So it's really not February yet, but it will be in a few short hours. I'm usually waaaayyyy down the list on linking up for Farley's Currently. This is such a fun linky and I've found so many wonderful blogs through it, so I'm always excited when the first of the month comes around.

HGTV is my channel of choice; although, I really don't watch very much TV. You'd think I'd live in a stylish house after as much time as I've spent watching other people fix up their homes, but I don't. It's a very nice house, but my decorating really could use some upgrading.

I was so happy that today is Friday. I don't know why, but this week seemed to drag on forever. It was the end of semester and we were in the thick of report cards (any one else in that boat?), so I'm sure that has a great deal to with the level of exhaustion I was feeling by today.

I REALLY need to start moving more. I don't think I really need to lose any weight, but I am seriously out of shape and I notice this on a frequent basis. I have a great recumbent bike. I need to just get a move on and tone up.

Have you tried Stitchfix? I've done three boxes so far, and I LOVE it! I don't have a great sense of style and tend to play things pretty safe in the wardrobe department, so Stitchfix has been a great way for me to branch out and try new styles. I haven't kept everything that they've sent for me to try, but I've keep several things out of each box and the entire box one time. If you haven't tried it yet, it's a service that sends you a box of new clothing items to try based on the input you give. You can try things on and send back what you don't like and pay for what you keep. You can click below if you want to check out their website.

I DID seriously kick the Starbucks habit except for an occasional trip with the hubs on a weekend out of town. This was a major accomplishment considering I used to go 4 to 5 times a week. I now make my own at home because I am NOT going to give up the coffee habit any time soon. I really don't like going to classes and finding out I have to share two truths and a fib about myself. That's probably because I don't think my life is all that exciting and have a hard time coming up with any truths that I think other people would even care to hear about. My fib...not going to Hawaii for spring break. I wish I was! I'm tired of being cold and a beach sounds great right about now. 

Enjoy your weekend! Head over to check out the Currently linky!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Day Our Way- A schedule linky and MLK Sale

I'm linking up with Where the Wild Things Learn for her A Day Our Way Linky. Here is a peak at my day.

Morning work usually consists of finishing up independent math work from the day before. Students keep a folder for any unfinished work. Students who are done work on practicing spelling words or reading.

Spelling and Grammar - I don't have a huge block for this, but it's also incorporated into our daily 5 time.

Whole group reading - This is the time I spend teaching reading strategies with the entire class.

Daily 5 - I meet with most groups every day. My lower groups just get more time with me. My higher group might only meet with me a couple of times a week, but will be working on reading projects they've started in my group. This is my favorite time of the day and things are actually pretty calm in my room despite students moving around and making choices about their learning. I have a few kids who still aren't very independent despite that the year is half over.

Writing - We are just beginning informational writing after finishing up units on narrative and opinion. My kids really LOVE writing.

Math - We are working on 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction right now. Can I say how challenging this skill is for some kids? I'm so thankful that I don't teach the standard algorithm at my grade level. Using place value strategies has really helped my kids and many are doing a great deal of the calculations in their head at this point. I still require them to show their thinking on paper.

Science/Social Studies - We are focusing on Martin Luther King, Jr. this week.

Duty - I didn't list this on the schedule, but we rotate before and after school among all teachers. I miss the days (before budget cuts...thank you state legislature) when we had more time in our classroom before and after school. Imagine having more time to actually get ready for teaching to all those high standards instead of doing duty! 

It's been great to check out all the schedules. It looks like most of us don't have a spare moment in our day! Click on the picture below to jump over to Where the Wild Things Learn to join the linky and share your day.

 I'm also throwing a sale in my TPT store today. Click on the picture below to head over and check it out. Click HERE to go to my Facebook page and leave a comment on my post about my MLK Literacy Activity Packet to win it for free.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

MLK Literacy Activity Packet (Win a Copy!) and January Freebie

Is it just me, or is January flying by? I can't believe the three day weekend crept up on me this fast. I am busy planning activities for my students around Martin Luther King, Jr. for the short week next week. If you are also on the lookout for some activities, check out my MLK Literacy Activity Packet. You can click on the picture below to go to TPT and check it out. It will be 20% off through the weekend. You can also win this free by going to my Facebook page and telling me your favorite MLK activity. Click here to visit my Facebook Page.

My Martin Luther King, Jr. Literacy Packet is on sale through the weekend. Included in the packet are:
1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tree Map and writing page
2. He Had A Dream Song
3. MLK Fact Sheet
4. He Had a Dream 3 Types of Sentences
5. My dream is…writing
6. I have a dream…framed writing
7. MLK expository framed writing
8. Lined paper for writing about MLK
9. MLK making words activity
10. MLK ABC order activity
11. MLK Vocab word cards (ABC order cards)
12. MLK Word Search
13. Four Acrostic Poem Frames: Dream, Justice, Peace, Equality and Love
14. Self-portrait and speech bubble for writing about personal dream
15. I have a dream 3 types of sentences
16. I Have a Dream mobile craftivity

The following 4 Activities are used after reading the book “The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane DeRolf
17. Crayon Box That Talked- beginning, middle, end
18. Crayon Box 3 types of sentences
19. Crayon Box Poem (can be used with bulletin board crayons display)
20. Crayon for students to draw self-portrait and color in their favorite color for bulletin board
21. MLK & Me Venn Diagram

Just in case you haven't snagged my January ABC order on the picture below to go to my TPT store and snag a copy before the month is over.
Freebie Fridays

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently and a Freebie

It's time once again for Currently! 2013 flew by and I can hardly believe we are already starting a new year!
I can't say that I've done much over my break. We've had company from out of town (friends and family), and I've enjoyed just hanging out and visiting. We did have a baby shower to attend for a family member that was a lot of fun. I've really tried to keep the television turned off as much as possible and enjoyed listening to Christmas music most of the break. My mom is visiting today and is a BIG jazz fan, so we're listening to that right now.

I love the fact that I had 3 weekends off during this break (that usually doesn't happen), but I also can't believe how fast this break has flown by. I'm glad that I really didn't do much of anything that was related to my job. I really tried to just enjoy my time off. I didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked, but I did manage to get some new books downloaded. Hopefully I'll be able to carve out more reading time just for enjoyment this year.

I've been making my coffee over break, but I haven't perfected making a peppermint white mocha and that's my favorite this time of year. Anyone have any good recipes? I may just have to break down and go buy one today.

I need to tackle getting the Christmas stuff put away or it might possibly be February before I get it done. My goal is to get it done TODAY! I'll leave some snowmen up just for fun.

The time sitting around our big dining room table playing games with family is always my favorite memory. There are usually some great jokes and lots of laughs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and enjoys the rest of their time off!

 Click on the picture below to head over and grab this freebie from my previous post.