Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello there! I'm so excited to start this blog and to share my enthusiasm for teaching. My blog might seem a bit sporadic at first, but after a while I hope to get the hang of things. I thought I would start off by talking and sharing one of my biggest passions in education today - technology. I've been teaching for fourteen years. For the last ten of those years I have grown to be very passionate about the technology that I use in my classroom. I am very fortunate to have a great deal of technology in my classroom because of two grants that I was awarded. In my classroom you'll find a document camera, a Mimio interactive white board, a Mimio class set of clickers, a mobi, a short-throw projector, 6 Mac student computers (although two are close to dying), and a Dell teacher laptop. I have very much embraced this technology and use every bit of it to my advantage with the students. I believe the technology in room really helps kids stay engaged in the learning process.

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