Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome Winter Sale and Blog Hop

Winter break is finally here! I'm looking forward to reading in my cozy chair with my iced coffee every morning (I's cold out there, but I'm still drinking the iced coffee). It will be wonderful to use the bathroom whenever I feel like it and to be able to take all the time I want to actually enjoy what I'm eating at lunch. Thankfully, I'm done with the Christmas shopping. Now I just have to motivate myself to get everything wrapped and under the tree.

I'm linking up with Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac for a TPT sale to welcome winter. Enjoy 20% off at my TPT all weekend. Click on the picture to visit my store.

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Ms. Jessica said...

Ooh, a blog hop! Love it!

You won my giveaway of the black doodle frames, but I need your email! Send me an email at or respond to this comment with your email so I can send you the frames!