Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Currently & A Freebie!

Another month has flown by and it's time for Farley's currently. Currently I am...
 Silence is golden! I'm enjoying having the house to myself for a change and absolutely loving the fact that it's spring break, so I'll get to experience quiet for several more days.

That being said...I can already tell this week is going by way too fast. I have a mental list of things that I'd like to get accomplished. Taxes is at the top of that list, but for the first time I'm kind of wishing I'd throw in the towel and let someone else tackle them for a change. I've always done them myself, but they are getting a little more complicated these past couple of years. Guess that tax deadline should be March 15th instead of April 15th. I seem to always wait until spring break to tackle taxes. I also want to get a little yard work done, some reading and do some general spring cleaning around the house. 

Yep...needing another iced coffee to get through that mental list. I'm pretty sure iced coffee shows up on just about every currently I write. I love the stuff.

My advice is something I give myself on a regular basis since I tend to take on too much and get disappointed when I can't accomplish everything I'd like to or it takes me longer than I think it should. There should probably also be something in there about slowing down and enjoying life. I really need to do that this week.

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Becky said...

Thanks for the reminder.. I need to drop of my taxes today to our accountant!! Yikes! :)

Teacher Gone Digital said...

Becky - At least you are smart and have an accountant...that's what I need to get!

Miss Foote said...

Oh I have to do taxes also....I always procrastinate for as long as possible.

Chickadee Jubilee

Sailing into Second said...

Found you through Farley's rule of 3! I'm needing an iced coffee as well! Enjoy the rest of your spring break! I am your newest follower!

Sailing into Second

Sue Cahalane said...

Just found your blog through Farley's linky - I love your Currently advice! I'm your newest follower!

Science for Kids Blog