Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Telling Time Activity Pack and Telling Time Interactive Resources!

I just finished a fun telling time activity pack. The easy prep and ink friendly activities in this packet are designed to help students master telling time to the hour, half hour and five minutes - 1.MD.3 and 2.MD.7.

Included in this pack are:
3 Scoot or Task Card Activity Sets:
1. Set A – Time to the Hour task cards and recording sheet
2. Set B – Time to the Hour and Half Hour task cards and recording sheet
3. Set C – Time to Five Minutes task cards and recording sheet
4. Time’s Up! Game – Small group game to practice skill
All the scoots or task card activities include answer keys. Use the key to correct student work or project for students to self-correct their own work. 
Best of all...This pack is only $1.00 for a short time. Just click here or on any of the above pictures to go and grab it.
If you have an interactive white board, computers or a tablet for your classroom, here are some great interactive time games for practice.

Bang on Time

Time Travel is a game with many levels that allow you to  choose between analog and digital clocks.
Next up is Clockworks and Clockmaker.

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